Business Builder

ZAP Code

  • An Instant Postcode-Look up tool
  • Integrated into Peak Motorline
  • Ensures your customer address records are always accurate
  • Minimal Keystrokes


Database Cleansing

  • A complete managed Bureau service
  • Completed Quarterly, so you always have clean data
  • Duplicate records are flagged and reported back to you
  • Address information is corrected against postcodes and address line 1 to ensure your customer addresses are always correct
  • Mail Preference & Telephone Preference registers are checked against your customer records to ensure you don't contact those who don't want to be
  • Gone Away & Bereavement registers are checked against your customer records to ensure that you handle delicate situations in a sensitive manner
  • We will collect the data for you, and report it back to you - all you need to do, is delete duplicate records!


Communication Manager

  • Send routine contacts instantly - such as MOT Due & Service Due
  • Send SMS, Voice Calls or Emails within a few key strokes
  • Track responses online - in real time
  • Send out surveys instantly, and receive feedback into Motorline
  • No more printing, signing or enveloping general contacts.
  • Save yourself time and money!
  • Conduct marketing campaigns - from within your dealership



MOT / Service Reminders

  • Automated aftersales reminders
  • MOT
  • Service
  • Warranty
  • CSI Surveys
  • Take control of your customer contacts

Re-enforce existing marketing campaigns

  • Following up a letter
  • Organising attendance for showroom events
  • Following up a mailing of a new model


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Movie Demonstrations:
Our movie demonstrations are taken using the latest version of Motorline. Please click on one of the links below to see a short demo.

Flash Demonstrations

Our flash demonstrations outline in simple step-by-step instructions, exactly what happens, and who needs to do it.

Live Demonstrations

We have a selection of demos of our automated voice calls and sms messages that you can access online!

Business Builder Pricing

Choose to sign-up to the full Business Builder package, and you'll pay just £99 a month subscription fee! That's a saving of £31 a month, if you were to sign-up to the elements separately!

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